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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Cosmax Beauté Bar - Eyelash 92832 - Microblading - Fullerton CA : Your eyebrows create the frame and balance to your face. Having the right style and shape of brow can make a huge difference to your look.

Conditioning serums are great to use while wearing lash extensions and also for people who just want to get their natural lashes in better shape.

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What is the new eyebrow trend?

But the new eyebrow trend we can't get enough of is microblading, a tattoo technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by drawing on tiny lines that look like individual hairs.

Should you trim your eyebrows?

Removing bulk from your brows doesn't always mean pruning them. Nine times out of ten, a trim is all you need. Comb your brows straight up with a spoolie eyebrow brush, then use eyebrow scissors to trim only the longest hairs, staggering the length as you go. ... Follow up with a brow gel to keep hairs in place

What is a lash tint?

An eyelash tint consists of adding a special dye to your eyelashes, giving you weeks of dark, full lashes without the assistance of mascara. You recline in a salon chair and a technician applies the dye to your lashes while you keep your eyes closed for about 10 minutes. It's a quick, relatively painless process.

How much is an eyelash tint?

How much does lash tinting cost? Like all beauty treatments, the price depends on where you live and where you go, but expect to spend anywhere between $45 and $75 dollars for your tint.

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