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Microblading / Microshading

Everyday makeup can be time-consuming and sometimes even frustrating. Your eyebrows are a crucial part of your look, but they can be tricky to style. If you try to pluck them, you may end up with eyebrows that look too thin or unnatural. If you’re looking for perfect brows, we have the solution for you. Microblading is a form of permanent make-up in which pigment is inserted into the skin’s upper layer above the eyebrows, creating a fuller, more defined eyebrow shape and color. At CosMax Beauté Bar, we offer professional microblading services so that you can get perfectly shaped eyebrows to accentuate your natural beauty. We match our pigment to your original eyebrow hair color and skin tone, ensuring that the results appear as natural as possible. We will style your eyebrows to fit your facial frame and preferences. You will be able to pluck more easily and fill with confidence. You can cut down on your morning routine with professional brow shaping because your eyebrows will already be done and ready to go from the moment you wake up! The effects of microblading can last for one to three years, depending on your skin type. For more information on our beauty salon services, contact us in Fullerton, CA, today.

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