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Brown Eyes

 Eyelash Extensions

CosMax Beauté Bar specializes in all things related to eyelashes, but none more than our eyelash extensions. We are equipped to give you natural and gorgeous lash extensions in whatever style you desire at our lash salon. We will give your lashes added length, thickness, and fullness all through a process that applies an extension to each natural eyelash. We can also perm your eyelashes to give them a beautiful curl that will make a statement. Whether you need to do your lashes for a special event or you want fuller lashes for your everyday life, we can help you out. Our eyelash treatments are perfect for making a statement during a night out or at your wedding, so if you just need them for a special event, our experts can apply them for temporary use. We offer a range of different extensions for your various needs. We provide classic extensions for a natural, everyday look, along with dramatic volume extensions that will frame your eyes and emphasize your facial features, giving you beautiful-looking eyes. We also offer hybrid extensions, a wispy blend of classic and volume that will provide you with the best of both worlds. When it comes to extensions, you want to make sure you go to a professional to get them done right. Trust our team to treat your lashes carefully and make an appointment at our eyelash extensions salon in Fullerton, CA.

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