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Long Lashes

Brow Lamination

CosMax Beauté Bar offers eyebrow services that will make your eyebrows look full and defined. We pride ourselves on getting your eyebrows to look precisely how you want them to look. With our brow shaping service, we’ll shape your brows to make them fit your facial frame. One of our specialties is brow lamination. This new procedure focuses on creating shiny, smooth brows, making your brows appear fuller with more fluff. The process involves the perming of your eyebrows. We relax your eyebrows with a moisturizing treatment and push your eyebrow hairs upward and into your desired shape, making them uniform. Because the hairs are relaxed, they appear longer, making it seem like you have a larger brow shape. Then your brow hairs will set in place, meaning they will hold their shape even after you wash off your makeup. The result is fuller, fluffier, and glossier brows. This procedure is excellent for people with all types of hair. It will strengthen and thicken thin hair, and it will tame and smoothen thick hair. Your makeup artist will work to give you perfect brows that you’ll love. Schedule an appointment at our brow and lash salon in Fullerton, CA, today.

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